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Booklet “Academic Women Now” launched

This publication on experiences of mid-career academic women in Scotland was launched by the Royal Society of Edinburgh’s “Young Academy Scotland”, which is a project managed by Sharon Ashbrook, Aileen Fyfe and Ineke de Moortel (see photo), all from the University of St Andrews.

The new booklet details the careers of female members of the Young Academy of Scotland, which recognises emerging leaders in science and the humanities, revealing their routes to success by discipline, personal circumstances and opportunities.

The booklet can be found here:

Athena SWAN awards

Congratulations to the Schools of Chemistry, Mathematics & Statistics and Psychology & Neuroscience for winning Athena SWAN awards.

School of Chemistry: Silver Award

School of Mathematics & Statistics: Bronze Award

School of Psychology & Neuroscience: Bronze Award

Tripartite Prize for Geography/Mathematics student

Congratulations to Christine McKenna (recently graduated in BSc Geography/Mathematics) for her award of the Tripartite Prize (sponsored by the Challenger Society for Marine Science, the Institute of Marine Engineering Science and Technology and the Society for Underwater Technology) for the best undergraduate final-year dissertation in Marine Science in the UK in 2014. Christine used a novel computer model to model water mass mixing in the Faroe-Shetland Channel, which is an integral gateway in the present operation of the global thermohaline circulation.