There are WISSA champions in each school, see below. Please email your local representative or the WISSA inbox if you would like to be added to or removed from future announcements about WISSA events.

  • Biology: Tracey Gloster, Sascha Hooker, Alison Robert, Judith Sleeman, Anne Smith
  • Chemistry: Tanja Van Mourik
  • Computer Science: Alice Toniolo
  • Geography & Sustainable Development: Katherine Keenan
  • Earth & Environmental Sciences: Claire Cousins, Nicky Allison
  • Economics: Ozge Senay
  • Mathematics & Statistics: Helen Burgess, Stephanie Yardley
  • CREEM: Sophie Smout
  • Medicine: Agnes Tello
  • Physics & Astronomy: Christiane Helling
  • Psychology & Neuroscience: Gayle Doherty, Amanda Seed
  • Professional & Support Services: Alina Loth, Diane Munday