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University Excellence in Teaching Award

Ruth Robinson received a University Excellence in Teaching Award on 29th April 2015 which is a Head of School nomination and is judged by a panel of senior University staff. Ruth’s award was in recognition of her work establishing the mobile outreach project called GeoBus and for contributions to curriculum development over the last several years, and for the development of the new MSc Geochemistry degree which will launch in 2016.


Royal Scottish Geographical Society Honorary Fellowship

Ruth Robinson received an honorary Fellowship from the Royal Scottish Geographical Society on 4th February 2015, in recognition of her work establishing the GeoBus project which takes geology, and Earth science more broadly, to secondary schools around Scotland, for pushing for the retention of Earth science education in Scottish schools, and for establishing the Scotland Rocks conferences for Higher Geology school pupils with the Royal Scottish Geographical Society. The Fellowship was most appropriately awarded at the reception of the Scotland Rocks 2015 conference in March at the Fair Maid’s House in Perth.

Tripartite Prize for Geography/Mathematics student

Congratulations to Christine McKenna (recently graduated in BSc Geography/Mathematics) for her award of the Tripartite Prize (sponsored by the Challenger Society for Marine Science, the Institute of Marine Engineering Science and Technology and the Society for Underwater Technology) for the best undergraduate final-year dissertation in Marine Science in the UK in 2014. Christine used a novel computer model to model water mass mixing in the Faroe-Shetland Channel, which is an integral gateway in the present operation of the global thermohaline circulation.