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Frotscher Prize for Helping Hands

Congratulations to Prof Sharon Ashbrook (Chemistry) for winning the 2014 Frotscher Medal for Helping Hands. The award recognises exceptional support to students by a staff member or another student. The prize has been established by the family of two St Andrews students in gratitude and recognition of the support those students received at St Andrews.

Three poster prizes for PhD student

Congratulations to Paula Sanz Camacho (second-year PhD student in Prof Sharon Ashbrook’s group, Chemistry), who was awarded poster prizes at the Annual Meeting of the St Andrews Centre for Magnetic Resonance (St Andrews, 2 June 2014), the Rocky Mountains Conference on Magnetic Resonance (Copper Mountain, Colorado, 13-17 July 2014) and at the International SMARTER 4 Meeting on NMR Crystallography (Durham, 1-4 September 2014).