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Associate Editor Position

Dr Gozde Ozakinci (School of Medicine) will start as an Associate Editor at the Journal of Behavioral Medicine as of January 2015. Prof Alan Christensen from University of Iowa will be the new Editor of the Journal. The Journal covers prevention, treatment and rehabilitation practices and all areas of behavioural medicine research (e.g., epidemiology, health economics, psychology, and biostatistics).

Position in the WHO Collaborating Centre

Anna Gavine has taken up a position in the WHO Collaborating Centre doing a systematic review which is examining the benefits of involving children and young people in the development, implementation and evaluation of programmes aiming to secure health and its related outcomes. Anna was awarded her PhD entitled “The Primary Prevention of Violence in Secondary School Pupils in the West of Scotland” at the June graduation earlier this year.

Directorship of WHO Collaborating Centre

Candace Currie is Director of a newly designated WHO Collaborating Centre (WHOCC) in Child and Adolescent Health Policy at the School of Medicine (2013-2017) with co-directors Gerry Humphris and Peter Donnelly; and has been recently been awarded CSO funding to participate in the Global Early Adolescent Study (GEAS) coordinated from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and running in 10 cities around the globe. The focus is on understanding gender socialisation and sexual health among young people growing up in deprived communities. These initiatives have led to two new appointments – Dr Juliet McEachran, part-time Research Coordinator for GEAS’s Scottish site, and Ms Aixa Aleman-Diaz, Policy Adviser for the WHOCC.

Awarded PhD studentship

Dr Ozakinci was awarded a PhD studentship by the Scottish Graduate School of Social Science. Rachel Nutt has been selected to receive this studentship which will focus on cardiac rehabilitation among working age men and women. Dr Ozakinci has also been invited and participated in the first Innovation workshop held by Cancer Research UK and BUPA on cancer prevention in harder to reach groups.

Election to RSE Young Academy of Scotland

Silvia Paracchini was elected a member of the RSE Young Academy of Scotland in the 2014 round. The RSE Young Academy of Scotland fosters interdisciplinary activities among emerging leaders from the disciplines of science and humanities, the professions, the arts, business and civil society. Silvia has engaged immediately with the Academy joining the ‘Research The Headlines’ working group, which aims to analyse how science is reported in the media. This is Silvia’s first blogpost discussing the science behind an hypothetical kit for suicide diagnosis.