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Tanja van Mourik Promoted to Reader

Tanja van Mourik has been awarded promotion to Reader, based on her work in computational quantum chemistry. Her research concerns the investigation and promotion of methodological accuracy as well as the application of state-of-the art methods to study the properties of molecules, with an emphasis on molecules of biological interest. An important part of her research is the application of the gained knowledge on methodological accuracy to chemical problems of interest, often in collaboration with experimental groups. Nationally, Tanja promotes computational chemistry through involvement with the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Theoretical Chemistry. At European level, the EuCheMS Division of Computational Chemistry, of which she is the UK representative, aims to increase cooperation between different organisations representing computational and theoretical chemistry in different European countries. Tanja led the Team that put together the successful Athena SWAN application for Chemistry (awarded Bronze in September 2013).

Interconnect Student Champion

Rosanna Alderson (PhD student in Dr John Mitchell’s group) has been appointed Interconnect Student Champion 2014-15. Her role will be to work with students to help promote the work of Interconnect and Athena SWAN, organise useful events and provide opportunities for feedback.

Events will be publicised throughout the year. In addition, information, discussion and events can be found on the Facebook group: ‘Interconnect @ St Andrews’.

ERC Consolidator Grant

Sharon Ashbrook was awarded an ERC Consolidator Grant entitled “Exploiting 17O NMR Spectroscopy: Atomic-Scale Structure, Disorder and Dynamics in Solids” . The award will start in April 2014.