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Best Poster Award

Katie Self won the Best Poster Award at the RSC Solid State Christmas Meeting in December 2014, hosted by the University of Glasgow and University of Strathclyde, for her poster presentation titled “Reversed Crystal Growth of Rhombohedral Calcite”. The award came with a £200 bursary towards sending Katie to an international conference (which she used to attend the Advances in Functional Materials 2015 meeting in New York, 29 June – 3 July).

Katie had previously been awarded First Prize for her oral presentation titled “Reversed Crystal Growth of ZnO Microdisks” at the Northern Postgraduate Chemical Engineering Conference held at Newcastle University in August 2013, as shown on the picture.

Prize in “Crystals as Art” competition

Dr Heather Greer won second prize in the “Crystals as Art” competition open to all registered delegates of the 46th British Association for Crystal Growth Annual Conference held on 21-23 June 2015 at Queen Mary University, London. The prize was awarded for Heather’s coloured Scanning Electron Microscope image of a rose-like BiOBr particle.

Royal Society of Chemistry Corday-Morgan Prize

Sharon Ashbrook, a physical chemistry professor at the University of St Andrews, was awarded the Corday-Morgan Prize for 2015. The award recognises the year’s most meritorious contributions to chemistry. Sharon’s research focuses on the application of multinuclear solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy techniques.

Robert Campbell Postgraduate Prize

Cristina Evans, a second year postgraduate student who is researching the dynamics of water availability to riparian trees, was awarded the Robert Campbell Postgraduate Prize in the Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences (DEES), in recognition of outstanding progress in research and for significant contributions to the research community during 2014-15. Robert Campbell was a research student in DEES who sadly died in August 2013. This award for research postgraduates in the Department was established in his memory.

The photograph shows Cristina being presented with the award by Professor Peter Cawood (Head of Department) in front of a flourishing oak tree at Andrew Melville Hall, planted there in memory of Rob by the students he cared for while serving as an assistant warden.

Award for undergraduate Geology student

Nicolette Meyer, a third year BSc (Hons) Geology student, has been awarded a total of £2700 from the Geological Society’s Alan and Charlotte Welch Fund, the Palaeontological Society’s Undergraduate Research Grant and the University of St Andrews’ Zannah Stephen Memorial Travel Scholarship to fund her dissertation. The aim of the project is to better understand sulphur cycling in a Neoarchaean microbial mat through the analysis of sulphur isotopes in pyritised microbially induced sedimentary structures from the 2.65 – 2.50 billion-year-old Ghaap Group, South Africa. During the summer, she will be travelling to St Louis, Missouri, USA, to use the CAMECA IMS 7f-GEO Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer in Professor David Fike’s laboratory at Washington University.

University Excellence in Teaching Award

Ruth Robinson received a University Excellence in Teaching Award on 29th April 2015 which is a Head of School nomination and is judged by a panel of senior University staff. Ruth’s award was in recognition of her work establishing the mobile outreach project called GeoBus and for contributions to curriculum development over the last several years, and for the development of the new MSc Geochemistry degree which will launch in 2016.