4th National RSC/SCI Retrosynthesis Competition

Over the last four months, five members from the Smith group (School of Chemistry), including three women, took part in the 4th National RSC/SCI Retrosynthesis Competition: Elizabeth Munday, Nassilia Attaba, Stéphanie Spoehrle, Calum McLaughlin and Jude Arokianathar. This prestigious competition consists of two rounds and is entered by teams coming from both academia and industry. To progress to the final, each team had to propose a synthesis of acosmine, a complex natural product with a diaza adamantane core. They submitted their entry in December and got selected for the final in January.

The final took place at the SCI headquarters in London on the 10th of March. Ten teams presented their synthesis of a second natural product, Eucalrobusone D, in front of a jury. The St Andrews Team won second Prize.

(Picture: Left to right: Elizabeth Munday, Calum McLaughlin, Stéphanie Spoehrle, Nassilia Attaba, Jude Arokianathar)